5 Best Hair Transplant Clinics in Jaipur

March 19, 2021, 3:35 pm

Jaipur: Baldness or a receding hairline has become a common problem that plagues many today, the reasons can vary from stress to genetics or some medical problem and its side effects. Whatever the cause maybe, the problem often leads to a low self-esteem. 

Luckily, medical science has advanced to a level where you don’t have to rely on home remedies or on prayers to see your hairs grow again.  Jaipur now has some of the best hair transplant clinics which also cater to the country’s growing medical tourism.

These clinics offer all kinds of producers like Follicular unit extraction (FUE) which involves taking hairs from follicles and moving them to bald areas. So, if you are in Jaipur and baldness is giving you sleepless nights, it is about time to visit any of these clinics and boost your self-confidence.

Medispa clinic

Located near Amraplai Marg in Vaishali Nagar, the Medispa clinic boasts of some high-profile clients that include famous television personalities. The clinic claims to be equipped with the most high-end medical technologies and modern infrastructure. For the past several years, it has been one of the major destinations for hair transplant surgeries in Jaipur. The reviews particularly like the experienced staff, doctors and a hassle free treatment option. The clinic also draws people looking for hair transplants from different parts of the country.

DHI Jaipur

Located in the C-scheme area of the city DHI has carved a niche for itself in hair transplants in Jaipur. The centre claims that its producers are extremely safe and “non-invasive,” and all procedures are undertaken by some of the best experts of the city. The reviewers said that the DHI offered a good and assuring procedure which was less complicated and without any worries. Many from different parts of the state visit DHI for hair transplants.

Enhance clinics

If baldness or a receding hairline is causing you sleepless nights, it is about time to ditch home-made remedies and consult an expert for transplantation. Enhance clinics is known for their easy and safe procedures under the observation of some of the best doctors that are currently involved in the field in India. The clinic has several centres across multiple cities of the country, in Jaipur, it is located at Sahkar Marg, near Lal Kothi area.

Cosmetica Skin

Cosmetica Skin is known for its FUT (Follicular unit transplantation) procedure which is an often used hair restoration technique. The centre claims that its procedure provides maximum coverage of bald areas at the most affordable costs. You can visit the centre for more details; it is located at Lal Bahadur Marg near Income Tax colony in Durgapura.

Rejuvena Cosmo Care

Located in Sodala and Vaishali Nagar areas of the city, Rejuvena care offers some of the most trained hands for hair transplants in Jaipur. It is particularly famous for its affordable treatments. The centre claims to have some of the advanced medical machineries for the procedure that delivers guaranteed results.

First published: March 19, 2021