5 Best Cafes in Jaipur to Enjoy Cold Coffee with Friends This Summer

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March 20, 2021, 6:16 pm


Jaipur: Summer is here, and so is the favorite beverage of city’s youths, the cold coffee. There was time when your nukkad shop mixed ice cubes, coffee and milk and called it special cold coffee. Not anymore, Jaipur now has several cafes that specialize in coffee making, be it hot brews or iced mocha. 

All of these cafes also offer some of the best continental and other cuisines that you can find in Jaipur. But we have kept our list confined to the cold coffees, to help you select the best option near you.

Nothing Before Coffee

Nothing Before Coffee (NBC) has become a popular coffee destination in the city. It has multiple branches in the city and is frequented by the young crowd in the evening. Apart from normal coffees, NBC has a varying collection of special cold coffees like espresso on rock, iced coffee, iced mocha, iced caramel and Vietnamese iced brew among other selection of cold coffees. A major chunk of Jaipur’s college crowd can be seen making a beeline in the evening. Do try out this place.

Nothing before coffee

Lazy Mojo, Malviya Nagar

Located at a quaint location in Malviya Nagar, the caffe has a spacious sitting area that allows you to meet with friends without any hassle. Its selection of shakes, beverages and cold coffees remains unrivaled.  It offers a wide range of iced coffee like frappe, Devil jon, Choco Rocks, Iced Cappuccino, Hazelnut Frappe, Iced Latte, Irish Bitters etc.

Lazy cafe

OTH, C Scheme

Located in the heart of the city, OTH offers some of the best delicacies in Italian, Continental and Mexican cuisines. But it is also famous for its selection of cold coffees and frappes that includes Iced latte, Classic cold brew, and Caffe frappe. You can try out the menu whenever you are roaming around near C-Scheme.


Statue Circle

There are over five small kiosks near Statue Circle, in fact, for several people of the city, going to Statue Circle always meant a cup of famous cold coffees that are made here. Even today, the taste and the flavor remain the same even after so many years, and people continue to flock to kiosks for the sake of old times and nostalgia.

statue circle

Brown Sugar

Not very far from Statue Circle is Brown Sugar, a cozy coffee with good selection of food and beverages. You can try some of the best cold coffees here including Iced Americano, Choco Frappe, Hazelnut Frappe etc.

brown sugar

So, which cold coffee are you going to grab?

First published: March 20, 2021