4 Mouthwatering Shakes of Jaipur and Where to Find Them

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March 26, 2021, 5:17 pm

shakes of jaipur

Jaipur: It’s that time of the year when a scorching heat gobbles up the last of the energy left in us. But there are ways to beat the heatwave with different cold current shakes, possibly mixed with Oreo, strawberries or KitKat  ?

There are different cafes in Jaipur who have delicious milkshakes that can instantly replenish your energies and give respite to your parched throat. Here is the list of cafes and shakes you can try, don’t forget to share your experience with us. 

Slutty Brownie at Nibs café

Nibs cafes have mastered the art of shaking the milkshake business in Jaipur. It offers some of the most delightful shakes that you have probably not even heard of before. You can try slutty brownie, a thick dark shake with fudge brownie, mixed with whipped cream, Choco chips, and marshmallow. Another much-ordered shake here is the Strawberry Unicorn which includes cheesecake, rainbow sprinkles, and whipped cream. Nibs also offers Black Mamba which is a thick dark chocolate shake, mixed with the cocoa base, dark chocolate cake which is drizzled with melted chocolate, and a waffle cone.  

nibs shake

American pie at The Eclectica

There is a whole new array of milkshakes that you probably have never heard of, let alone tasted like the Muddy Oreo, American pie, and Crunchy caramel. “I liked the American pie shakes because it was a new concept that I had never seen before. It is a combination of coffee and shakes which offers a rare taste, that you will not find anywhere else in the city,” said Abhinav Soni, who visited the café a few months ago. The café also offers some of the usual favorites like Orange Blossom, Fruit Punch, Doodh Cola, and Peanut Butter shakes that are always in high demand.

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 Kit kat at Brown Sugar

If you are tired with the usual shakes that you have been gulping down at your nearest roadside café, perhaps it’s time to give your taste buds a different tour. Brown Sugar has a selected menu of milk shakes, but it is one of the best in the city. You can try Kit Kat shake including crunchy slices of kit kat and mixed with whip cream. Also on the menu is Oreo shake, which includes Oreos blended in chocolate shake topped with whipped ice cream. Another very favorite shake you must try is DDC shake, which includes pastry infused in a shake topped with whipped cream.  

brown sugar
Brown sugar cafe

Indian Thandai at Lazy Mojo

Lazy mojo came to Jaipur to shake things up, and it’s evident in the multiple range of shakes that it offers. The very famous Indian Thandi shake is a particular favorite of many regulars who frequent the café every week. The thandai includes cold milk with flavors of saffron, almonds and black pepper. It is a perfect drink to give much respite to your parched throat and recharge yourself, a perfect bulwark against the heatwave. The café is also known for its very favorite Biscoff Crunchy Shake, Cookies and Berry Shake, Nutella Shake, Black Forest Shake and Red Velvet Shake. So, if you think that the heat is getting the best of you, drop down to Lazy mojo and treat yourself.

Lazy cafe

Do tell us which shake you really liked !

First published: March 26, 2021