29 test positive for COVID-19 in IIM Udaipur

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March 27, 2021, 5:57 pm

covid 19 testing

A health worker testing a women for COVID-19 in Jaipur. File Photo

Jaipur: The Udaipur local administration sealed of area around IIM-Udaipur campus after 27 students and two staffers tested corona positive.

The health department working in tandem with the local authorities has begun tracking down contacts of people who mingled with IIM students and staffers in the past two weeks. “We are making a list of people who had met students and staff, they will be tracked down and we will conduct their corona tests,” said an official.

The entire campus was placed under curfew measures to stop the contingent from spreading into nearby rural areas. The health department said that they are also testing other staffers and students who had came in contact with the COVID-19-positive patients.

The premier business school is now under a virtual lockdown with strict vigilance being mounted by the local administration. “We don’t know exactly how the virus hit the campus, but all attempts are being made to ensure that it does not spread far and wide. Everyone is being tested,” an official said, adding that of 29 people who were tested positive, 27 were students and two were members of the college staff.

Udaipur city for the past several days has been grappling with fresh cases of covid-19. The health department said that steps have been taken to ensure that the coronavirus doesn’t make an entry into rural areas of the district.

In areas like Jhadol of Udaipur, 23 people had tested positive on Friday whereas 10 more cases were found on Saturday. The local administration imposed strict restraints on movements in Jhadol and carrying out extensive testing. 

First published: March 27, 2021