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150 kg tomatoes, 350 kg ginger stolen from Jaipur wholesale vegetable market

While ginger's price is Rs 350 per kg, tomatoes are selling at a price of Rs 140 per kg in the retail market.

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July 16, 2023, 4:30 pm

Tomato and Ginger Theft

Thieves caught on CCTV stealing tomatoes and ginger from Muhana Mandi in Jaipur.

JAIPUR: Two thieves were captured on CCTV stealing150 kilograms of tomatoes and 350 kilograms of ginger from Jaipur’s Muhana wholesale vegetable market. The stolen goods are valued at approximately Rs 56,000.

The theft comes at a time when the retail prices of tomatoes and ginger have skyrocketed. While ginger’s price is Rs 350 per kg, tomatoes are selling at a price of Rs 140 per kg in the retail market.

According to traders, the theft occurred between 3 am and 4 am on July 8. The masked thieves entered Muhana Mandi undetected. Hameed Qureshi’s godown was the target, from where the thieves made off with 6 carats of tomatoes. They loaded the stolen produce onto a pickup truck before finding two sacks of ginger outside the store, which they also stole.

Rahul Tanwar, President of Fruit Vegetable Market Muhana Terminal, said that repeated complaints to the police have gone unheard. The market lacks proper security, with multiple entry and exit points frequently left open. This vulnerability enables thieves to steal vegetables and sell them in the market.

Tanwar further revealed that Hameed Bhai’s tomato business, which handles substantial daily shipments, had recently received a delivery during the night. However, upon inspection, it was discovered that 6 carats, each containing 25 kilograms, had been stolen, amounting to a total of 150 kilograms. The retail market value of the stolen tomatoes is over Rs 21,000. Additionally, two sacks of ginger were stolen from another firm. The market value of 100 kilograms of ginger is Rs 35,000, priced at Rs 350 per kilogram.

Attributing the theft to soaring prices, Rahul Tanwar explained that the rise in tomato prices has made them an attractive target for thieves. Expensive vegetables have become increasingly vulnerable to theft.

A police officer said that a theft report had been filed by traders regarding the stolen tomatoes and ginger.

First published: July 11, 2023